Poll Dorset Sheep


The Applejack flock of Poll Dorsets has been established since 2009 and is growing steadily.  We lamb in January/February and again in September/October with 2 different groups.  This means our hoggets will lamb at around 18 months old.

We originally sourced our breeding ewes from various farms and gradually bred replacements of our own.  Our flock currently consists of around 65 females which are all bred by us under the Applejack Prefix.  We usually have registered rams of various ages for sale.  Sometimes we get black and white lambs which are a rare throw back gene.  Obviously they can't be registered as they have to be white but he would make some very pretty lambs.

Poll Dorsets are one of the only sheep breeds that can lamb all year round, they are easy to handle, prolific, excellent mothers and produce a great finished carcass.

The rams are hardy, tame and easy to handle. 

They are ideal for small holders because of their qualities but work equally well in commercial flocks.  

If you are new to sheep or are thinking of a change of breed get in touch as we would love to  help you.  We can usually supply a starter flock or breeding ewes.


no. 14 lamb


ellie & lamb