Pig Arks

So many uses for one ark!
Our pig arks make great shelters for sheep, goats, geese, dog kennels...... anything that needs a roof over it's head!
 new pig arks
We make and supply pig ark kits in the following sizes-8'x8' at £330 and  8'x6' at £260. At New Close Farm we don't believe in making an "economy version" we only make quality arks that we are happy to use ourselves.  We want you to be 100% happy with your ark and get years of use out of it.   We feel the 8'x6' is an ideal size, most people start off with a couple of weaners and end up having more.  The 8'x6' will sleep 2-3 sows or up to 5 weaners comfortably.  Other suppliers state that an 8'x6' will house 8-10 weaners.  It will for a couple of weeks but you will need a second ark a long time before they get to pork weight. We recommend using an 8'x8' for farrowing large sows with a rear farrowing door.  The roofs are galvanised steel.  We are happy to accommodate your needs so please contact us if you require something a bit different.  We also supply Pvc strip door curtains for our arks to keep the weather out and the straw in!  We can make them to fit other arks and buildings so please contact us for a quote.   Arks are supplied in kit form for you to construct yourself following our simple instructions.  Unlike other self assembly arks we make it very simple for you to construct and do as much as we can before supplying to you.  Other companies will give you every little bit for you to put together yourself, we know because we have bought them in the past.  If you order a farrowing door it will all be made up within the panel with hinges and bolt fitted so you don't have to spend your time making up the door etc.
Pig ark frame
Our arks have a sturdy frame and the steel roof gives more strength.  The ark shown above features a farrowing door.
 Delivery is available please contact us for a quote, PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE MORE THAN 30 MILES AWAY IT WILL COST YOU MORE THAN £45 DELIVERY, YOU WILL BE INVOICED £1.50 per mile one way FOR ANY EXTRA CHARGE AFTER YOU HAVE ORDER AS THE SYSTEM CAN'T TAILOR A PRICE FOR EACH CUSTOMER.  We can also supply assembled arks to local areas as we can deliver ourselves and build on site.  For deliveries further away which are done by courier it is not possible for the kit to be assembled for you. We charge £30 to build a standard 8x6 or £50 with a floor.  An assembled standard 8'x8' is an extra £50 or £80 with a floor.  If you have transport big enough we can still supply a fully assembled ark for you to collect. You are welcome to collect them in kit form too.
A floor can be supplied for your ark.  A tanalised sawn timber floor made up of 22mm x 150mm boards is £145 for an 8'x6' or £175 for the 8'x8'.  Arks with a floor will have skids underneath so they can be towed, towing eyes will also be supplied.
Farrowing doors on the rear of the ark can also be added for £35.  Hand holes for lifting the ark to move it will be cut for you.  Two people can lift the ark to move it if you don't have a floor, you will need to be very strong to lift the 8'x8'!
new pig ark back
Rear view with farrowing door.
(Customer's photo, they added their own lifting hooks)
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.  We are experienced pig keepers ourselves so we use these arks for our own animals.  You are welcome to collect your kit from us.
  8x6 pig ark
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